Friday, October 28, 2016

Frida Faces

Hassan Elementary is now just wrapping up on Frida Kahlo as our featured Artist.  She was a blast for our students to learn about.  So much fun in fact, she was studied for three visits to the Art Studio. 

Week One:

In the last 5 minutes of class, students watched a Bit-O-Bio on Frida. (click here to see the Bit-O-Bio). I am amazed how much these students picked up on all the facts about the Artist from these little snippets of Art History. They look forward to the Bit-O-Bios.

Week Two: 

I showed students a slide show of some images of Frida.  This is the first half of the Google Slides below.  I talked about her dress, her lack of a smile, her marriage to Diego... All of this being the Elementary safe version of course. 

Week Three:

The second part of the Google Slide is filled with images of Frida's work.  We talk about the 'secret codes' (symbolism) that Frida puts into her painting.  We discuss how she can tell us a story without putting words in her work.  The strongest image for this was Frida as a wounded deer. EVERY class understood that Frida was in a lot of pain in her life and this represented that.

As students were working, I also allowed them to get their 'Frida' brow on... if they wanted.  I was shocked to see how many students wanted me to draw an eyebrow on their forehead.  They loved it, held their Frida pose and I took a picture to share with the families of the participating classes. 

As you can see I had the iPad in a stand... a black sheet draped behind them, and lot's of props for students to choose from.  Many of the students left my room sporting the eyebrow for the rest of the day.  The pictures actually turned out stunning.  Boys and girls enjoyed this opportunity and as I mentioned... This was only an option, not mandatory. 

I have also decorated the classroom with a Frida Pumpkin. All the kids have been able to identify her as they walk in.  I guess it's kind of a formative assessment. 

My lesson plans allowed me to do this with mostly the 3rd and 5th grade this week.  Not all classes had the opportunity. 

If we were pressed for time, I simply drew the brow on the kids and took a group shot.  I explained to parents what they were doing in a short email home.  I got lots of positive responses from parents and teachers.

The other Artist we have studied so far this year is Bob Ross (click here for his Bit-O-Bio).  What a great combination of Artist.  We first have Bob with his 'Happy Accidents' and cheery demeanor. Then Frida with her subdued face and thoughtful symbolism.  I am having parents and students reporting watching the 'Joy of Painting' all the time.  I think it's so fun to get the kids pumped for Art History. 

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  1. I am guessing that your kids will remember Kahlo forever after all that "hands-on" experience!! Love the pumpkin 🎃!