Monday, October 24, 2016

Not Just Another Pretty Pumpkin

I'm in love with these sweet pumpkins... K's and 1st grade have been making them this week and I can't get over the new skills of these young Artist and the amazing creativity and individuality of each of these wonderful works of art.  But these are much more than they appear.  I have been moving closer to choice based art this year but I'm playing a balancing game.  I'm asking students to create works of art every now and then that are a little more structured.  There are many reasons for this.  It's a way for me to talk about craftsmanship.  It's also a way for me to appeal to all my stakeholders (parents, administration, and teachers) who are used to seeing 'pretty little art' come out of the art room.  Most of all this was a way to train my students on the glue choices I have available to them.

In this lesson, the kids used the glue sticks, glue sponges, and glue bottles.  I played small clips of this video and asked them to participate.  Then I would show a bit more and give them more work time. Actually, all the kids loved creating this way on this day.  Here is the video I have been playing for the kids. 

No, these aren't just another pretty pumpkin... but they are pretty cute!


  1. These are so adorable!! I love the variety of expressions. I tell my students to "pick off teh glue boogers" and "listen for the glue to breathe."

    What are the containers youa re using without the cap?

    1. Those are slip containers I think. They came with the room. Thanks for your comments.

    2. I LOVE this!! We just made cut and glue lions in my room, and KG is not yet grasping the "floppy" idea. I am going to try something where they get to choose their glue method, as well - great idea!