Friday, November 4, 2016

#Challenge, Shapes with No Corners

I started out the year with some #Challenges for my K-2nd grade. Yep, that is what I said, started out the year.  That means in November here I have just completed our first unit. CRAZY!!! I wish I saw these kids more. OK... where was I... Yes, the #Challenge that I started these littles out with was to "Create Shapes with No Corners". 

As I played the above video I set up the tables with the materials needed for this first #Challenge.  The K's are new to my room and new to many of the materials. 1st and 2nd really need a good reminder of all the stations as well.  This is a great way for me to ease into choice lessons with a focus on a concept... in this case, shapes with no corners. 

The products from our k's were... well... exploratory.  I love that they get to play, get to create, get to learn through hands-on opportunities in my classroom. Look at some of the work that was created. 

So the question is, do the students learn by exploring and not having direction.  Well, this is from a 2nd grader in my class that gave a little reflection to his parents on Seesaw. 

This was unprompted.  This was authentic. This is a good representation of what happens when you give choice... even choice with restriction or a focus for the day.  Students learn! 

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