Sunday, December 4, 2016

Art Reflection- Artist Trading Cards

Last year I shared how to reflect on the Artist Trading Cards by using a worksheet (click here for previous post).   I have added a worksheet to share with you for free on Teachers Pay Teachers (click here).

This year I have had the MOST successful reflection on the Artist Trading Cards!! This is the breakdown of what I call Trade Day.

First, I have placed a card into every students ATC sleeve.  I can look at the cards that they have created and match up ability levels and interest.  When they come into class, I try to really pump them up.  I write down the number of cards we received in the trade... one number at a time.  This creates a lot of anticipation and a BIG... united WOW! Then I explain that I have cards in their folders right now!! This minute!! Waiting for them!! Again... the crowd goes WILD!!! I explain that they will have the opportunity to look at the cards and keep it, or look at the card and exchange it.  I see the kids going around with such excitement showing off the cards to one another.

Then I have them join me in a circle with their cards.  Here is the conversation that takes place:

Do you know where your card came from? Raise your hand if you do... If you don't know where it came from, Why?

Student Answers:

  • Because the handwriting is sloppy.
  • Because the Artist didn't write the correct information on it.
  • Because it is in a different language.
OK... so we are going to know where some cards come from and some are a mystery to us. Let's keep that in mind as we do our next activity.  We will be passing the cards to the person on your right (point to the person on your right) every time I say switch. You will have a few seconds to look at the image and the information on the back. There is no conversation at this time, you are simply letting your brain take it all in.  Don't worry... you will get your card back.

We then do the activity of passing the art from around the circle as I show in the video below.

More discussion takes place.

Did you see some cards that were totally impressive?  What made them so amazing?  What techniques or mediums did you see? Why do you think they were so high quality?  I'm going to give you a minute to talk to your neighbor and then we'll talk about it as a group. 

Students responses: 
  • I think they were good because they took their time.
  • I think they were high quality because they were older then us.
  • The mediums were interesting. 
  • So on, and so on.
OK, did you see any cards that if you saw the Artist, you would make suggestions for them to improve on?  Why do you think some of the cards could be a little better?

  • They might be a kindergartener. 
  • The Artist might have different abilities. 
  • They might have not cared about the project.
  • Maybe the teacher didn't give them enough time.
One little guy said, I don't think we should judge their work.  I validated that, I said you're right, we don't know what the situation of the Artist was however conversation about art is for learning.  These are just suggestions that we might make to an Artist to help them grow and get better. 

This took most of the hour.  I gave the assignment that they will be making an artwork that is inspired by the art received.  They will be making their own ATC replicating the art they received... or being inspired by the subject or the elements of design used.  I show them examples of students who did this last year.

See in this example, the student is using the technique as their inspiration. 

In this one, the elements of color and somewhat of the subject.

This Artist was inspired by the texture created by the braille paper used on their received card. They created their own bumpy paper for their card.

This student chose to recreate their card with the colors and style. 

The rest of the hour (maybe 10 minutes by this time) we spend preplanning how they will create their card inspired by the received art trade. They can also let me know if they need specific materials for next time. 

The following art class we will be working on the cards and then writing a compare and contrast using a worksheet to guide then (click here).  I will have them take a digital image of this to send to me and also place on their google drive/ Schoology account.  This will be how I grade their work for this trimester... It will allow us to reach the national standards of reflection and connecting.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is an exciting way to foster the trading among students AND help them be respectful, AND use the cards as inspiration for further art making. Thank you for sharing!

    Laurie Dyer