Monday, December 19, 2016

Brush Management

This idea of Mr. Brush is not new... but it works so well.  I have used this video with my K's through 3rd grade.  Each group get's a little reminder of how to care and treat the brushes in Art Class as well as how to paint with several kinds of paints.  I only show my students what is essential for the day in class.  For example, if they are not using watercolors, I will skip over that part.  Feel free to use this idea or video in your classroom as well. 


  1. I love this little video; so cute! Thanks for sharing! I have the Mr. Brush posters and the kids always love them. I use an extra step in cleaning, especially with tempera - I have the kids wipe the brush on their paper towel, or on an old sponge (we call them the 'ugly sponges', or newspaper, BEFORE they wash it, and then wash it and wipe it just like you demonstrated. The extra wipe before washing keeps your water really clean, because it removes excess paint from the brush.

    1. Great tip Phyl. I wish I could watch you teach to get all of your great tips and tricks. :)