Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sphero in Water

I was amazed how popular this station was with every class. When my partner in Sphero, Alysia told me that the Sphero is waterproof, I had to celebrate that in some way during this week of Sphero. The morning of the first set-up brought me down to the Kindergarten team.  I know they have kiddie pools on hand for later in the year when they hatch chicken eggs. 

We filled the pool half way and added some ping pongs ball for interest.  The ping pong balls became part of the play at this station.  Some students tried to move the ping pong balls with their Sphero.  They played tag with the Sphero and they explored the challenge of direction and speed in water.  This station really led to some amazing conversation about density, drag, and viscous. 

Since the goal of this day was to learn how to drive the Sphero, we asked the students to keep the speed down to 50% or lower.  The water station was the only area that the kids could crank up the speed to 100% and that brought so much joy to the students.

Water was a great addition to Sphero week!

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