Monday, January 16, 2017

Bit-O-Bio, Yayoi Kusama

It's been a long time, but I'm so happy to announce that I have recorded another #Bit-O-Bio.  This time, I recorded on a lesser known Artist. Yayoi Kusama was new to me.  I loved her look and knew my students would too. 

So here I was, this January day recording about Yayoi Kusama and her family support (or lack thereof), her obsession with dots, and need for Art in her life.  Yayoi lives in a mental institution by her own choice. I wanted to address the healing powers of Art in her life.

I needed to cover someone with an eccentric look, someone who is alive.  Someone who they might see in a gallery.  Yayoi fit all of those requirements well.  I also wanted to cover an Artist who had a style that was a good jumping off point to many projects.  A teacher could move into repetition, shapes, lines, color... just to name a few from the principals and elements. 

Another reason Yayoi was interesting is because she was an Artist of so many forms and mediums.  She created sculptures, paintings, fashion, performance, and music. 

I needed to explain to students what an installation is in an Art Museum during this #BitOBio.  It was fun to explain Yayoi's, Obliteration Room in student friendly language.

Image from Stephan Ridgway
My plan is to create my own Obliteration installation in my classroom that I will invite my students to interact with. 

The #BitOBio's are getting better. As with everything, the more I practice, the better it get's.  These Bit-O-Bio's are no exception. 

Let me share Yayoi Kusama's #BitOBio with you and your students
Click here

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