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Careers in Art- Interior Design

It's been a while since I've posted about my 3rd grade #CareersInArt. This series of lessons have been so interesting.  At the beginning, I had a new #CareerInArt every week and the kids were able to explore each career by choosing from 3 or 4 ways to explore.  I tried to do a 2D and 3D option every time. It's been a hit.  The kids are loving the opportunity to 'become' different careers. But now, I give them 2 weeks before moving onto a new project.  Projects are more thought out, they are more skilled.  The room looks 'maker space/TAB' while in session but the Artwork is starting to have a more practiced look to it. 

Interior Design was a blast! In this case, I experimented different solutions for Interior Design with each of my 6, 3rd-grade sections.  Then I found the most successful projects and we moved forward with them for the two class period exploration. This allowed me to have some samples of student work in my presentation of the options.  They loved seeing their work on the video. 

The first option I gave was inspired by a trade I did a couple years ago with Denmark

I asked the kids to create a 'house' and design the inside of it.  These simple houses were more than an Interior Design.  I found out from talking to the kids about the work that these drawings told me a lot about a kid (or their wishes for the future).  The Artwork on the right below was done by a student who in the past has not talked to me at all.  Teaching the class the way I have been this year has interested him enough to come to class... and participate... and then share about his art... and share, and share, and share about his art.  

The next option was a simple room.  I showed the students how to make a chair.  Before they could have the 'final paper', they had to do a pre-test and give me a pre-plan to explain what they were thinking and also show me that they know how to make the fold for the chair.  They just used some recycled copy paper for this.  Once they 'got' this skill, I would give them a quality sheet of paper.  They did not disappoint. Look at all the details.

I love the image below.  This girl was using different mediums and really creating something unique.  That's what I have been hoping for in the way this series is presented to the students.  I give opportunity/suggestions, but I encourage students to go their own direction as well. This is a good example of reading the objectives in a personal way.

And then there was the collaborative house... This was a hit for so many kids.

The little Artists were asked to create one room in a pre-made cardboard box house. 

I quickly discovered that I would have to label each area per classroom or the first class was just going to fill the space up and there was not going to be room for any other class.  This really stretched my Artists to create more space than they were given.  See, many of the students started adding little appendages off from the house. 

For example, a water slide and pool on the roof, as you see above here. 

Who was making for this space?? The boys, mostly.  There were girls who joined in but most of the time in most of the classes, the boys loved the designing of little 3D furniture and the mechanics. For example, check out this real working elevator or the stairs (watch your first step :)). 

Look at the mini calendar on the wall or the chandelier in the bathroom. 

This was no doubt a hit for the class but more than that, it allowed for a REAL learning opportunity for the kids.  They had to work together.  Because they had to share the space with one another, participants in this would get together to have discussions before hand.  They decided who was going to make what.  They pushed each other to make things better, more beautiful. This is what the house looked like after the first week of work on it.

After the second week... Well, it was more developed.  Check out all the details and extra space the student created.  They were pushed by the other classes creations.  

Because it was so collaborative, it allowed for all students to become inspired by it. So much so that I had to cover it in order to get any of the kindergarten or 1st-grade students to listen to their lesson for the day. That is when you have an engaging project I guess... when all the other students are distracted by it. 

If you are inspired to create an interior design unit for your classroom, please share it with me.  I would love to see what you do. 

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