Thursday, January 12, 2017

Introduction to Watercolor

As I move more and more to choice-based learning I have run into a couple of problems.  I gave students the option to work on a lesson focusing on creating forms.  After learning the project, I allowed students the opportunity to use any 2-D medium they wanted to create with.  Many students chose watercolors.

We have used watercolors before.  We have covered the type of paper and the proper use, but students really struggled.   They left the station a disaster and the watercolors were not used properly.   I'm all about learning through failure however, endless watercolor paper is pricey.

When I think about it, maybe I went over how to use watercolor, but I created a structured environment where students never had to make choices, or be responsible.  I needed to train these kids again to learn on their own and become good studio participants.

I created a worksheet that would allow the students to have an introduction to watercolors before using them. As you can see they simply scan the QR codes (or type in the URL).  They watched one of the three videos and answer a couple of questions. They can then show me the completed worksheet and the watercolor station is open to them.

This lesson is available on my TPT store.  Click here

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