Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Minnesota Youth Art Month WINNERS!!

I couldn't wait to share this big news in our house!  
Matisse found out that she won the 2017 Youth Art Month Flag Design. 

I did not have enough time to dedicate with my classes at school to enter for this competition so I decided to talk to Matisse, my daughter about this competition this year.  she was excited to represent out beautiful state.  She focused on the cities, suburban, and rural areas of the state.  You can't do an image of Minnesota without including a lake.  Minnesota is known for it's '10,000' lakes. She chose to add the text digitally. This girl spent no less than 5 hours creating this amazing work.  She was very excited to have been selected. 

The Minnesota, 2017 Youth Art Month Flag Design Winner

Elementary: Matisse Hahn, 3rd Grade
Teacher: Nic Hahn, 

Flag design will be used for the Youth Art Month promotional poster.

Middle Level: Katlyn Lemke, Glencoe Silver Lake Middle School.
Teacher: Sandra Landes

Flag will be used for the Youth Art Month Promotional Postcard.

High School: Jessica Zuidema, MACCRAY High School
Teacher: LeAnn Atchison

Flag design will be displayed at the Youth Art Month Museum at the NAEA convention in March

All flags will be displayed at the YAM Student Exhibition at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Feb. 20th-March 25!

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