Monday, January 23, 2017

The Glue Unclogger 2000

I continue the search for the perfect solution for glue.  I'm introducing the Glue Unclogger 2000 to my classes starting tomorrow. Yep, those bottles of glue in the background are clay slip bottles.  Why, you may ask??  Well, I wasn't using them for clay, the flow is better, and there is less clogs... or if they get clogs, it's easy to unclog.  But up until now, I have been the master of unclogging.  I have always used a needle nose clay too... yep, clay again, to unclog bottles of glue.  Well, I thought why not, let's give the power to the people... the very little people in my classroom.  So here it is, a silly video sharing the new tool to the Art Studio. 


  1. Did you make the unclogger or buy it ?

    1. Yep, sorry I didn't get back to you. You're right... a clay tool it is.