Thursday, February 2, 2017

Artist #Crush

Feb. 2nd: Artist

I admire so many Artist... I'm inspired every day by one artist of another... but when I was thinking of my Artist #Crush... I knew who it was going to be... Her name is Katrina Madsen Berg.  She is an artist that I discovered via Instagram and now I have one of her works of Art in my home.  

I saw her images and fell in love.  I looked through her website and Instagram and found landscapes, cakes, birds, and mixers.  I sent an email and then a small, wooden, painting canvas.  I asked my son to choose a subject and we decided on a subject for the painting.  He chose the mixer because we love to cook as a family.  I love this artist and her style.  It's a blast to follow her on Instagram and watch her interest change and develop. Recently, I have seen her venture out from paintings and she is now offering cloths as well on her site.  Be sure to check out Katrina Berg's Instagram and beautiful Website today.

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