Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Illustrator #Crush

February 15: Illustrator #Crush

I found this sweet book at our local library.  It's such a treat to my kids to bring them to the library and let them look around, explore, pick up a book and maybe check it out.  I love it too, I walk through the 'everybody' section and look for inspirational books to base future art lessons on. Orion in the Dark by Emma Yarlett caught my attention.   I'm in love with her style of illustrating.

My guess is Mrs. Yarlett is an avid sketchbook drawer.  I can see glimpses of play in her work.  She must practice all the time. I love the collage and mixed media look.  The drawing and watercolor combinations. I mean really beautiful stuff! I would love to take a lesson from her.  Thanks for making such magical images, Emma! 

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