Sunday, February 5, 2017

Resource #Crush

February 5th: Resource #Crush

This is my pick this year for a good resource, Get Into Art, Animals by Suzie Brooks.  I am a digital teacher.  I love to go online and find inspiration there.  I look at Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook... Digital is awesome!

I also am a library geek.  You can find me at the library at least 4 times a month.  I walk the Art sections, the books on CD, the music, and Children's books.  I look at the magazine and the DIY sections.  All the librarians know me, and my kids. That is how I found Get Into Art.  My daughter was actually looking at a book about Matisse (her name is Matisse, it's a subject close to her heart) and I saw this book pop up.  We requested it on her card... and since then I have had to pay a fee because I brought it back late.  I kept looking at the layout and the lessons.  I'm excited to say this book is a series, I have them all on imy Amazon wish list.

What I liked about the lessons in this book is they are inspired by a famous work, but also under a flap, there is a short lesson.  The lessons are with a variety of mediums. My kids were able to use these mini lessons easily on their own.  I think this would be a great book to have in a TAB classroom for inspiration.  I used one for a recent lesson for color.

Before I started the next part of my lesson, I had to do a little research on the pronunciation of Joan Miro.  I hope this Minnesota girl got its right... 

The kids had a BLAST with this lesson.  I acquired the playdough by asking parents to make it. I simply put a Google Doc on Seesaw and the sign-up sheet was filled up quickly. All students were able to walk out of the class with a little pack of play dough to take home, complete with two googley eyes.

In class, the students had a blast creating these creatures. This was all thanks to the book Get Into Art.  These creatures were a new idea for me and my students are so happy to have made them. 


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