Thursday, March 23, 2017

Abstract Animals, ATC inspired by Prof. Monica Terraroli

We were inspired by so many of the cards from our #ATCswap this year.  These cards are from Italy. Hassan Elementary students will be looking to these cards for inspiration. Monica Terraroli from Prof. Monica Terraroli Blog participated this year and had some AMAZING images.

Each fourth-grade student has been assigned a State to study in their homeroom classes. The last week of school these students will have gathered information about their state and present it at the Hassan Elementary 'State Fair'.  This is a unit that our students look forward to.  Our music department creates a performance to go along with the big day. In Phy Ed, they track their steps and record themselves 'walking' across America.  Our media class guides a lot of the research. In Art class, we will be creating Artist Trading Cards that the students can use in their presentation of their State.

One of the options students will have is creating these adorable cards. Below is a Padlet created by Monica.  What a great idea to embed in her blog.  Love this idea! Thanks for participating Ms. Terraroli.  Hope to have you join again next year!

Made with Padlet

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