Monday, March 6, 2017

Seesaw to Communicate, Advocate, and Celebrate

I have mentioned once or twice about my love for using Seesaw in my classroom.  Recently I joined the twitter chat #satchat, this weekend hosted by +Monica Burns. The question was, 

"What formative assessment data would you want to share with families? How could you do this? #satchat"

I immediately thought of the lesson I just completed on Friday with my 2nd grade. I used Seesaw to share with parents the amazing learning going on in the Art Room.  I was also asking my students to record themselves to show me their learning.  Here is what my classroom looks like as they record their lesson.

Because of the way that I use the tool Seesaw in my classroom I have had more parents come to me in public and know who I am. They thank me for sharing the happenings of my classroom with them.  That is powerful.  I'm able to communicate easily with the families of my school.  At this point of the school year. Students are doing the communicating for me.  They LOVE to hear their voice on Seesaw. 

Doing recordings like this in my classroom has allowed me to advocate for my program.  It's pretty hard to ignore the great art, the deeper thought, the skills that students are creating and developing in the Visual Arts when you have a front row seat to the learning happening in class. My students are advocating for my program.  They are sharing and celebrating the good of this class. Projects will be hung for conferences this month, but parents will have already seen the artwork that will be on the walls and heard an artist statement from their child's mouth.  What a powerful tool!!

If you want to know more great ideas of how to use Seesaw in your classroom, please join myself and @merryksart for a webinar at 4 pm CST this Wed.  It's totally free and it is a great way to get some very relevant PD for Art teachers.  Click here to register

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