Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The #ArtistByState Project

Recently, I posted a thought on facebook.  I wanted to know if anyone knew about an interactive map of the United States that has Artist by States. There were several comments/suggestion that this would be a great idea, but no one knew of a resource.  Sooo..... we started our own and we are asking for you to help.  Take a look at the slideshow below...

Now that you know more about the #ArtistbyState project, It's your turn to write a post, create a google slide, or a Prezi, even make a YouTube video. Fill out the form below and share what you have created we will add it to the map.

Soon this map below will be filled with lessons and resources from Art teachers all over the world.  Who knows, maybe we cover more than just the United States in the future. 

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