Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Don't Have to be an Adult to be an Artist

So many of the Artist that I have been introducing my students to are very old, or dead.  I wanted my students to have some peers to look at, someone their own age that knows in their heart that they are an Artist.  I just happen to have two Artist at home more than willing to be featured in a Bit-O-Bio for my students.

First I showed the Matisse Bit-O-Bio.  I was excited to share that she was a recent winner of the Youth Art Month Poster contest.  She loves to draw, paint, explore and she excels in Art in school.  She also does great with Phy Ed, Music and Math.  The Bit-O-Bio shares that she struggles with reading and must work hard to be successful.  Persistence is a great message to my students in this Bit-O-Bio about Matisse. 

The next week was about Sawyer.  The reason Sawyer was perfect to highlight for my students was because he is a VERY different artist than Matisse.  He is a sculptor.  He works with a lot of mediums, but most often with legos. I had kids coming up to me after his Bio to tell me that they didn't know that you could be an Artist by 'building things'.  This Bit-O-Bio spoke to that group of kids that sometimes are a little resistant to Art class. 

Week three... I show the following video.  I always like to give a follow up somehow.  Show images of Artist work, or images of the Artist themselves.  I have a few images saved up over the year of these two... so this video was easy to make. 

If you would like to introduce these two Artists to your students, feel free to visit my Teacher Pay Teacher page (click here).

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