Monday, April 3, 2017

Butterfly Prints- Oil Pastel Transfer Prints

It's spring!!  Time for some butterflies.  I love teaching kindergarten and 1st-grade students the magic of oil pastel transfer prints.  This was a perfect subject to do that with. 

I had the K's/1st-grade students come to the carpet.  We talked about folding our paper.  I really highlighted what was the fold and what was the opening.  The students were instructed to add a curved line for the head 'starting on the fold and ending on the fold' and another one for the body 'starting on the fold and ending on the fold'.  When they accomplish this job I ask them to come back to the carpet.  This is my time to run around the room and do a little formative assessment to see what students drew their bug body on the opening of the paper rather than the fold.  It's usually about 2 to 5 students. I make the adjustments and give the next instruction. Add two large wings that almost touch the edge of the paper. 

Again they accomplish their job and join me back on the carpet.  Now I show them what oil pastels are.  We talk about the similarities and differences of a crayon.  I only give them each one color to trace the butterfly lines.  I also set the timer for 3 minutes and they have to keep tracing over and over to get a good base of oil pastel on the paper. 

The next is the hardest part for the littles.  I have them fold the paper in on itself, take a sharpie marker and start rubbing.  I give them a demo, tell them it's easier if they are standing, and explain that they really have to use their muscles. They all flex and kiss their arms. Again I set the timer and have them work on this for 4 minutes.  Most students get good results.  They have already been prewarned that the transfer is going to be lighter. They come to the carpet again and for the kids who 'didn't get it to work' I explain they will have another time to try. 

I give a quick demo of decorating the inside of the butterfly.  They color and color until the next time goes off.  At this point, I explain that if they need more time to add oil pastel they can use it. They start the transfer again using a sharpie marker. 

I have the students stand around the carpet holding their work.  I stand in the middle and do a quick scan of the Artist and their Art explaining the concepts of the day.  I upload this to +Seesaw and students get to take home their work. 

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