Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Art Ed Radio, A Reflection on Episode #66

If you haven't listened to Art Ed Radio today's the day to start. The Art of Education has provided a podcast about Art Education for several years now.  I love to listen (when I have time) and this morning was one of those times.  I love Andrew McCormick and Tim Bogatz.  The speak about what I'm passionate about, so this podcast is for me.

This morning I was listening to Episode #66 and had a couple of thoughts after.  Here ya go guys. 

Truly... I'm in love with perspective drawing and I don't care who knows it!  If you are a teacher who is not in love with perspective drawing, let me help you.  I'm quite passionate about it, and when you are excited to teach something, it's contagious. Click here for my TPT one-point perspective lesson.

Here's the deal, I adore Andrew and Tim.  I know that they have content on their Podcast to stir up emotion, passion, and controversy.  There are so many ways to teach Art, you just have to be passionate about how you teach it! If you care, so will your kids.  I agree with the podcast in so many ways.  I think we should reflect on our practice and know why we are teaching what we are teaching... but if you are passionate about a project, and it has a purpose... don't toss it out because someone disagrees. Do what you do best!! Teach Art the way you like to teach Art! 

Thanks AOE for the thought provoking message. 


  1. Nic, thank you for the video response!

    I love seeing your passion come through when you are talking about perspective drawing--that's awesome to see. You are exactly right on what we are trying to do with the podcast. We want people to think about what they are teaching, and more importantly, WHY they are teaching it. You have some great reasons for teaching perspective, and you're obviously passionate about it, so it definitely needs to stay in your curriculum.

    I still can't quite get there, though :)

  2. I love teaching one & two point perspective. I don't have the kids usually take it to a finished work of art though....but more like an exercise. I record myself doing the demo..then loop that...and I can walk around the room and help out till it is time to start checking them. I set up the RED PEN OF DEATH station...where I have a ruler and a red pen..and I check there work right there in front of them so they can see what they are doing wrong. Then I send them back to do it again. start I have them fold their paper in half so they can do it up to 4 times in a class time. I do it so they get a better understanding of depth and perspective. It informs their other work. I always start seeing a difference after doing one and two point perspective in their landscapes/cityscapes and such. Also..pinch and coil pots...a must! :) In my second ceramics class in college...I created a 20 lbs coil water pitcher with hollow handle and spout. Coil is for EVERYONE! :)

  3. Yes! I had the same response for sure! I'm going to have to bookmark your blog now 😀