Sunday, May 7, 2017

Art-Filled Field Trip

I wanted to work with a team this year to go on an Art Field trip.  3rd grade was willing to work with me.  We took all 150 Third Grade students to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts.  What an amazing combination! Take a look at the field trip at a glance video.

If you follow this blog, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (previous posts) There are so many amazing jumping off points as a teacher with the Art at this museum.  We were in small groups and each had a different docent. These group leaders focused on Architecture and Asian Art.  This was a perfect fit to work with the curriculum in 3rd grade. They learn so much about Japan.

We have 150 students and the two places we choose to go could best accommodate 75 students so we split the group in two.  Some enjoyed the MIA first and then Book Arts second, and the other the opposite. For lunch, we had a beautiful day and all ate at the MIA in a courtyard.

This lunch bag was just one example of how the kids (and their families) were looking forward to this Art-filled day.

This was some good release time for the 3rd graders. They loved being outside for lunch.

I joined the group in the afternoon to visit the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. The last time I visited it was many years ago and located in a different space.  I loved bringing my students here.  It was great to have a hands-on experience!

While the kids got busy, I observed the lesson and went around to pick up some good tips and tricks for teachers. It was nice to be in another teaching space to learn new management tips.

 There is so much more that I will be sharing with you about the Book Arts but it will have to wait for a future post.  See... We started a project at the Book Arts but will be finishing it in class in the next couple weeks.

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