Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ISD 728, Student Art Work

Every year, all of our art teachers at ISD728 select two works of art to represent their school.  These images are photographed and printed on a really nice foam core and framed to hang in the District office for the next year. We celebrate these chosen works by presenting a certificate to the students at a school board meeting.  Leah Schultz, a K-5 Art teacher at Twin Lakes Elementary School, takes the lead on this one and creates a slide show, and prints out the certificates. She presents the program with such grace to the School Board. Damien Husen at Elk River High School does the posters for us. He has done this in such an efficient way for so many years.  Rana Nestrud also added these images onto a card so that each of the school board members would have a set of greeting cards with the student Artwork on it. We (the Art Teachers of ISD728) thank these three for the extra hard work they do on this project. 

I promise you, this recognition allows these students to identify themselves as an Artist for the rest of their lives.  I can't tell you how many past students who have been recognized have continued their path in Art.  Parents often have share that students interest in Art increases after this night of recognition.  This tells the students, "I see you, you are awesome, and you are Artist!"

These are the two works of art from Hassan Elementary. Louis, a Kindergartener told me, "Mrs. Hahn, I was really surprised because I'm only a kindergartener."

When Callen's Artwork was shown on the slide show, the crowd gasp because they were so impressed!  Callen has always tried so hard in my class so it was amazing to have the opportunity to recognize her as an Artist! She will be leaving for the middle school next year, so it was just in time. 

And the rest of the Artworks.  This is why I love my coworkers! Look at the amazing work coming from our district.

Elk River High School
Marlys Oliver, 12th Grade (above, left)
Max Friese, 12th Grade (above, right)

Ivan Sand Community High School
Anna Liashko, 12th Grade (above, left)
Meranda Burton, 11th Grade (above, right)

Lincoln Elementary
Levi Holmgren, 4th Grade (above, left)
Stephanie Menning, 5th Grade (above, right)

Meadowvale Elementary
Alex Ree, 4th Grade (above, left)
Audra Bitzan, 3rd Grade (above, right)

Otsego Elementary
Ellianna Riter, 1st Grade (above, left)
Kylie Long, 5th Grade (above, right)

Parker Elementary
Avery Hemmer, Kindergarten (above, left)
Katelyn Vonada, 3rd Grade (above, right)

Rogers Elementary
 Alexa Juntunen, 2nd Grade (above, left)
Gabriella Boman, 3rd Grade (above, right)

Rogers High School
Kendra Bolster, 12th Grade (above, left)
Morgan Rgnonti, 12th Grade (above, right)

Rogers Middle School
Delaney Hegarty, 8th Grade (above, left)
Morgan Fischer, 8th Grade (above, right)

Salk Middle School
Elizabeth Johnson, 8th Grade (above, left)
Mandy Christy, 6th Grade (above, right)

Twin Lakes Elementary
Keagan Borer, 2nd Grade (above, left)
Lillian Osterman, 4th Grade (above, right)

VandenBerg Middle School
Kylie Urvig, 8th Grade (above, left)
Megan Kelley, 8th Grade (above, right)

Westwood Elementary School
Ava Crawford, 4th Grade (above, left)
Taylor Steindl, 3rd Grade (above, right)

Zimmerman Elementary
Addison Riebe, 1st Grade (above, left)
Savannah Krueger, 2nd Grade (above, right)

Zimmerman High School
Hannah Helson, 9th Grade (above, left)
Katie Merwin, 11th Grade (above, right)

Zimmerman Middle School
Elle Werner, 7th  Grade (above, left)
Louise Kritzeck, 6th Grade (above, right)

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