Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#WelcomeWall- Lisa Arnold

In 2015 I made a New Years Resolution to collect Art from Artist I admire (see previous posts).  I created several small, 8X8 box frames and have been asking Artist to trade or to purchase I have been waiting to collect my next four works of Art to write a post about them, but now allow me to do so.  I'm excited to show you the next four Artworks on my #WelcomeWall.

This is not the first that I have shared about Lisa Arnold's on my blog. I first met Lisa in 2010 when I worked hard to earn money for an Artist in Residence.  Lisa was my gal.  She was local to Minnesota and her personality was amazing! I knew I needed her to come to my school.  See below... this is a tiny portion of her many schools she has been in... That is me... circled.  

Check out the many other places she has taught including Jamaica (click here).  Here is a couple of early post about the mosaic visit as well.  That was early in on my blogging so, they're a little light on content and pictures :) (Intro to Lisa) and (Instruction). I fell in love with Lisa's energy and projects.  We had a blast together for the two weeks we worked on the project.  We have kept up ever since.

With the welcome wall, Lisa requested a trade as well. If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen this post a while back.   This was the work I made for Lisa.

She, in turn, created this amazing mosaic for me (image below).  Lisa has often explained... 'more is better'.  She loves the action of a full image. She gave that to me in her little artwork created in beads.

Here you go guys... your next Artist in Residence is Lisa Arnolds. You may have to book ASAP because this lady is busy, but totally worth the wait. Follow her (@xolalisa) on social media via Instagram and become inspired! 

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