Monday, May 15, 2017

#WelcomeWall - Sue Davies

In 2015 I made a New Years Resolution to collect Art from Artist I admire (see previous posts).  I created several small, 8X8 box frames and have been asking Artist to trade or to purchase I have been waiting to collect my next four works of Art to write a post about them, but now allow me to do so.  I'm excited to show you the next four Artworks on my #WelcomeWall.

If you have been following this blog for the last couple of months, you know this Artist.  Sue Davies has done the Art Teacher Swap with me for the past two years. She is not only a coworker of mine, but also I'm lucky enough to call her a friend.  Sue is extremely talented.  Much of the time her subject is animals.  I knew that she does commissions, so I was excited to propose a trade with her.  She excepted.  Her crow hangs proudly on my #WelcomeWall now. I create a felted pig for her as a trade.

You must go to her page to see more of Sue Davies work.  Read her Artist Statement and find out where you can see her work in person by clicking here. Look at some of her amazing prints by clicking here.  You can (and should) also follow her on Instagram or friend request this lovely lady on Facebook.

You can also watch an Artist Statement and see my friend Sue in action. I admire Sue Davies so very much and am so proud to own one of her works. 

More to come on the other Artist in future posts.

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