Sunday, June 4, 2017

End of the Year- Trace-a-Troll

I am doing a lot of activities for the last visit to Art Class with all my students.  I have one more week left and as any good Minnesotan knows, you can't count on anything as far as weather goes.  I had planned on taking the kids outside for weaving and chalk drawing but one day it is raining, the next it is 90 degrees out... So I needed a backup plan.  

I love the fiber looking graphics on the movie trolls and I have done some lessons revolved around trolls throughout the school year.  I thought this would be a great 'backup' to any weather related changes. I also thought this would be good for next year for an 'extra' opportunity if I choose to do the troll lessons again with my students (click here for past posts).

So let me share this tracing activity with you in case you run into 15 minutes you need to keep your kids entertained with.  I plan to play the music... and/or the movie when kids are working on creating their own troll on tracing paper or even copy paper. Here is my end of the year gift for you on Teachers Pay Teachers... Free download of 'Trace-a-Troll"

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  1. You are the best! Thanks for this! I have a very tough group of kindergarteners this year! I scrapped my lesson and did this lesson today for their last art class! I started with a short video clip/song from the movie. They loved it! Thanks for sharing!!