Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fiber Weaving on a Loom

In the last month of school, I have been posting on Instagram the amazing weavings that I do with my 1st graders.  Why are they amazing?? Because they had all my first-grade students working hard on these magical little fiber weavings right up until the last minute of Art class. Motivation can be challenging at the end of the year, but I have always found that fiber weaving engages my young artist like nothing else. 

I was asked so many questions about the weavings that I thought I would put together a little 'how-to' lesson to explain all the things I have learned over the past 15 years of teaching students fiber weaving.  I made a presentation with resources about weaving vocabulary, suggested materials list, students samples, but best of all, I filmed 6 videos explaining the how to start and end these weavings in my classroom.

The videos talk about how to string a cardboard loom.  This process is something I start early in the year.  I also have volunteers help me with stringing the looms. This is a great job for parent volunteers to either complete at your school, or at home. I show how to prepare the yarn for your class, as well as a successful way to distribute the yarn.  I give a video sharing how I teach my students how to weave... it has been tested and improved year after year, and it works... really works for most if not all students.  Another video shows how to successfully take the fiber weavings off the loom and distribute them to your classes. It's everything I could think of.

This lesson plan is intended for teachers who are a little nervous to introduce fiber weaving to their students. It could be helpful for a Visual Arts teacher, however, I also make it to assist a Regular Ed teacher who feels fiber weaving would be a great addition to their classroom. I think weaving is one of the best activities to support and improve fine motor skills in our young students.

To celebrate this new lesson I'm putting on a sale for this item for a limited time.  I have this item priced at $12.00 (resources, students samples, and 6 videos).  For the next few days, I will sell this item for $9.60.  That is 20% off!!  This sale will end on June 19th so please visit soon!  

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