Monday, June 26, 2017

Resource Training and Solutions

This post is to give the participants of my training at Resource Training and Solutions the full presentation with links and supporting materials.  This post will be developing and changing as we go through the day.

Click here for a link to the presentation.


Amazing participation from the participants today!! Here were some more links to our discussion and lots of resources shared by our participants.  Our slide show was also updated. Hope all of this learning is helpful to you.

  • Fujitsu Computer: participants suggested this device for ease of drawing capabilities. 
  • The discussion of what would be a good online blogging tool.  I use Blogspot, but I have a lot of teaching friends using Weebly and Wordpress as well. Another suggestion from a participant today was using Tes Teach... I have not used it but it looks like a great option for collecting resources for your class.
  • Suggested from participants ShowMe and Explain Everything are two tools to allow you to write or draw on an image/screenshot.
  • BenSounds is a great place to find some royalty free music. 
  • The Sketchnotes book I showed you is The Sketchnote Handbook.  Other resources for Sketchnoting can be found here
Please reach out to me with any additional questions,  Thanks for attending.

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