Monday, July 3, 2017

Crayon Pucks

Tis the season for Garage Sales... Here's something to add to your list.  You need a flat, electric griddle. Kind of like the one pictured below.  It doesn't need to be a certain brand or even very clean because what you are going to use it for is craft fun.

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Take all those old crayons and start unwrapping them.  I have done this as an extra job in class for early finishers.  I have had colleagues tell me that freezing crayons helps the paper come off easier.  I have also heard of soaking them in water to loosen the paper.  I use the most dangerous way (box cutter) and typically do it on my own for a mindless activity (art meditation). 

My daughter had our 2-year-old neighbor come over for a babysitting visit and she had the little girl sort the crayons by color in a muffin tin.  Sorting is a great activity for the real littles. We set the griddle to 350 degrees (or higher) in our garage.  This was great because it kept the melting crayon smell out of our house. We simply placed the metal tin on top of the heat and walked away.  The crayons melted within a half hour.  I shut off the griddle and let cool completely (I gave it a day). The wax shrinks a little and the pucks fell out of the pan with no struggle.

Such a classic process, but one that every kid loves.

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