Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Creating a Sewing Kit

We had 'sew' much fun making our Owl Softies that we wanted to make more... and more... and more.  My daughter has turned into quite a little teacher. She wanted to bring her project to her cousins two hours away as she visited my parents for a week. We decided to make a sewing kit for each of the participants. 

I used some charm packs that I had laying around for years... Using the 'good stuff'.  A charm pack is coordinating fabric pieces that are 5 by 5 inches. I cut some fusible batting to 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches and ironed it onto the back/middle of one of the fabrics.

Then I sandwiched the fabrics with the plastic in the middle.  So it was fabric one, face up. The plastic was placed on the bottom of the first fabric. Then the other fabric was placed on top with right side down.


I sewed on three sides.  The plastic is on the bottom of this 'sandwich'.

I wanted to make the part that folds into a trapezoid so that it fits into the plastic easy. I simply drew lines from the center to the top to make an upside down triangle on either side (as shown).

Sew and trim the corners. 

Now flip this inside-out. Iron the top into itself. 

Sew around the top of the trapezoid securing the open edges so that it remains closed.  

Fill the sewing kit with the materials needed for an 'on-the-go' project.

Turns out I love making these.  I think I'll make some for school as well for students to borrow for sewing projects in my 'almost TAB' classroom.

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