Friday, July 7, 2017

LongExpo App, Motion and Light Capture

As I mentioned in a recent post sharing about an app called ProShot, I have been exploring motion and light painting apps for my phone.  In this post, I want to share my experience with LongExpo by EyeTap Soft. EyeTap Soft has a couple versions of this app... for this post, I'm simply concentrating on the free version.

I found this app to be ver intuitive. It gives 3 different camera choices; Standard, Low Light, and Light Trail. It was easy to switch between them.  It was also easy to switch the time the shutter would be open and there were a lot of options, including a manual setting.  After capturing the image, I could do some quick editing on brightness, contrast, and saturation. I could adjust the motion as well, reducing how much motion was captured. There are additional photo editing (lot's of option within) and finally something called Magic Sharpener that could only be accessed with an in-app purchase. I have not purchased this add-on at this time (maybe a future post). 

I played with this app in a couple of different ways.  I used them with the kids and their sparklers.  They couldn't wait to see the image after they did their little 'performance' with the sparklers. These kids were ages 6 to 11 and in fun mode so the images are a little unorganized, but I could see this really being fun with my classes and working on more thought out compositions. Maybe with light sticks and flashlights rather than sparklers and fire :) 

I also set the tripod up down by the lake.  This was magical to me.  I loved turning the water into glass with the motion capture.  The wrinkles in the water simply disappeared. The photo editing in the app brought out the bright colors.  I really enjoyed this application of this new toy :) 

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