Thursday, October 12, 2017

Symmetry Game

Often in Art there is crossover of content.  Many times when I'm teaching an Art concept I hear the kids exclaim "We learned that in (Math, English, Science...)". What a wonderful thing to have your students eyes light up and connect the dots that education isn't in departments, even if many of our schools are set up that way.

As I introduced our new lesson to the 3rd grade about Symmetrical Dragon Heads, I warmed the students up with a quick game that gets their bodies moving. When the students exclaim... We know what Symmetry is! I ask them to prove it with a partner.

The students are laughing and laughing as this quick little activity warms them for the concept about to be covered in the Art Studio. I offer to take the picture of anyone who would like to have it, and we get into learning how to create symmetry by cutting paper. (play video from the start to 2:20).

We finish up our first class period by creating several dragon heads out of scrap paper from the copy room. They choose one that we will start with for a pattern of our final artwork for our next class period. 

Overall, this is a fun day for my students revolving around the shared concept of symmetry.

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