Saturday, November 18, 2017

Designing Paper Lesson

I am so excited to post this lesson today because it's something I have been working hard on in the past month.  I'm also excited to see this lesson used in other classrooms because it has been one of the most engaging lessons I have ever done with my students. Allow me to introduce to you, 'Paper Design'!

I share 8 different ways to design paper. Each lesson is clearly marked with a title page and preview of the end result. 
Each lesson also has a supply list. This supply list identifies what was used in the specific process. Each supply list also gives alternative supplies.  When I was listing alternative supplies, I tried to think about what most (if not all) classrooms would have access to. These supplies are common to an Art classroom as well as homeroom classrooms in most cases. 
Then, each lesson has a well lit, close up video of hands in action creating the designed paper. These lessons are ready to show students. Of course they can be viewed as Professional Development and can teach a teacher how to present these lessons to students, however, I have made these lessons to be ready to use in the classroom. I use student-friendly language appropriate for 2nd grade up to high school learners. Each video is 2 minutes to 4 minutes long. These are designed to give students a small amount of information to all students to retain and perform the process independently.
Using this lesson allows students to explore several processes or you can present it to your class to simply try one process instead. This lesson also provides student examples as well as suggestions of how to use the designer paper for a more project-based lesson.  Designed paper can be used for everything from Artist Trading Card Design to collage work.
This lesson can be shared with your students in two ways.  The way I shared this lesson with my class is whole group learning. So I projected the lessons using a computer to my class. I have also designed this so you can share the link with your students and set up stations. This will allow for self -paced learning. Students would need a way to view the lesson at each station via a device such as iPad or Chromebook. This lesson is a Google Slide so you would need an internet connection as well. 

I'm so excited to share this lesson with you today.  Please visit my TPT store for more information! 

To celebrate the release of this new lesson I'm running a sale on my Teacher Pay Teachers Store. ALL self-paced lessons are 20% off through Monday, Nov. 20th 2017. Enjoy!

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