Saturday, December 2, 2017

A December Gift

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Thursday night we had a #k12ArtChat that highlighted Empathy and Kindness (click here to see the questions asked). It was a well attended and active chat and I was so happy to be hosting the discussion.  I was with my (online) Tribe. Always a good place to be. In all the fun, I forgot to share a gift I made for you... any of you.  In the book, Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in this All-About-Me World, by Michele Borba, a suggestion of a digital reminder of kindness was given.  Borba said to encourage kindness, Placing an image on your screen saver is a good idea, so I created a screensaver to share with you. Please feel free to share it with anyone you want... It's my gift to you! Happy Holidays!

Here are just some of the discussion from the chat the other night... 

I posted this, inspired by my principal, Kari Sampson.

The first day of the calendar suggests that we share the participation in this project! Allow me to do so... I invite you to print this out, place it on your desktop for the month, or just read through it for inspiration! Lot's of people have retweeted and are participating.  Share your actions on Social Media hashtag it #HappierWorld... or even Tag @actionhappiness.  Allow me to celebrate your actions too by tagging me @MiniMatisse in it or our #K12ArtChat. Sometimes the change we want to see in our classroom must start with a change in yourself! Allow this activity to help focus you on Kindness this holiday season.

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