Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Snowman Family - Covering Tints and Overlapping

Tints and Shades are part of the curriculum in 3rd grade.  I have explored this concept so many different ways.  I typically start out with this basic background creating tints from a white circle outwards. I have used this base for a number of things and will continue to repurpose this base again I'm sure. So I created this video just explaining the background of the snowman family project. That way I can use it again for other subjects in the future. 

I also really like the kids explaining what a Tint is in the video.  I tell them to give is a lot of attitudes when they are doing it. Third grade loves this! Gosh, I have fun with my job :) 

The classes start to create their tints. I give each table a different base color. That way we have a  variety of colors in the final display.

In short, I give the table white paint.  They are instructed to make a white circle. Then tablemate number 1 pulls a little color with their brush and mixes it into the white. When fully mixed the whole table adds one ring around the white circle. Then tablemate number 2 pulls a little color and mixes it.  The whole table again adds to the growing circle. This continues until the paper is filled. With clean up, this completes day one of this lesson. 

The second day we learn about overlapping. We practice snowmen in their sketchbooks as shown above.  We do the lesson together the first time, then independently a second time.

Day three of this lesson we hit the ground running.  Students recreate their snowman using the slideshow above and their sketchbooks. This time it's on a white sheet of paper half the size of the painted paper. The students draw, outline in sharpie, and color with colored pencil in using shading. Then we cut and paste it on. Not going to lie, this is a rush to get through in one hour. If possible, try to get the pencil drawing for the snowmen on the final paper on the same day as the sketchbook drawings (that is more for a note for me next time I do this lesson else :)) 

One tip I will share is to make sure the arms of the snowman are under the horizon line. That will make for an easier cutout. 

The end result is so 'kid'... so cute! I love that the kids can show me the concepts covered as well as give their Snowman Family some personalized details.