Saturday, January 6, 2018

Share the Process using Time-lapse

Using patterns in Art Class is critical to my curriculum. Kindergarten student start learning patterns in Math class early in the year school, so by the New Year, it's a good time to bring it into the art class and do a little review for students who might need to work on the ideas of patterns in a very visual way. Since this concept is new in the Art Studio, I like to give my class a chance to create patterns in the security of a group for the first lesson. I developed a Collaborative Patterns lesson last year. See the previous post for pictures and an explanation video that is student friendly.

Last year, I shared the lesson with pictures on Seesaw and the parents were very receptive.  I wanted to show them the process this year. Show them all the excitement and teamwork that goes into this project.  I created stations by taping down a sheet of large format paper and set some blocks or bottle caps beside it. I chose to set up iPads over each of the stations. Once the kids were in place I simply started the time-lapse on the iPad. 

One of my favorite parts of using the iPads is the ability to show the videos in class using AirPlay. It's a bit glitchy for me sometimes, but when it works... it's amazing! In the video, you can see that the students watch themselves all at the same time. I do this kind of review for stop-motion projects as well. 


When finished, I used AirDrop to send all the videos to my one iPad and I placed the clips together in iMovie.  With a little editing (adding music, speeding up the time-lapse) I then shared it to Seesaw. A quick caption in Seesaw explained to parents the concepts covered for the day. In this case, patterns and working collaboratively. 

This process of recording in time-lapse can be used for all learners.  With older students, you can have them recording their process on their own, and sharing it on social media. I use it for my lessons too.  I often record the process in time-lapse so the kids can see all the actions but in a short amount of time.  If you are unsure of how to use time-lapse, check out this blog post by Matt Klein, How-to Geek.

Image found on HTG by Matt Klein

I know some of you are wondering where do I get those awesome iPad sands.  I know I would be.  Get decided to purchase them through curriculum review and I use them on a very regular basis.  Here is a post explaining where to get these great iPad Stands (click here).

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