Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Art Ed Blogger Network- Artist that Inspire Us

I am so excited to announce my involvement with a new Art Education Blogging Group called Art Ed Blogger Network.  Each month we will be posting on a similar subject. I'm very excited about this post because it's going to allow me to celebrate the latest Artist soon to be in my #WelcomeWall

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Two years ago I made a commitment to myself to collect Artwork to display in my house. I wanted this art to be original pieces.  I have created a uniformed size and I common color of blue, but my goal is to collect many different kinds of Art to display in my home. I call it the #WelcomeWall and have posted a bit more about the project here.

I have a piece that is coming my way in the mail and I'm so excited to celebrate the Artist who created the work. I think this Artist is one that we can all incorporate in our classrooms as a living, working Artist. I'm excited to share her work with you.  Allow me to introduce you to Clare Youngs. 

I first found Clare on Instagram posting her amazing collage work.  I fell in love the textures of the papers, the color palette, and the energy of her characters. This find led me to her beautiful website where I learned that Clare also has several books and many that look quite interesting to an Art Education Teacher.  

What is great about Clare Youngs is that you can learn a lot about this humble Artist with a couple social network searches.  It was quite a find to run across Handmade Home YouTube Channel where Clare Youngs was interviewed. It makes her so real and it's always amazing to listen to someone talk about their passion, whatever it may be (video above).

Explore Clare Youngs Instagram and Website... You'll fall in love! I know I will be overjoyed when her artwork created for our family arrives... should be any day now.  You better believe this project will bring joy to our house and my #WelcomeWall. Her work already is inspiring to me and my work so it will only be a short time until I bring that inspiration into my classroom as well. I love the paper created by her as well as the subject matter. I think Clare Youngs work would inspire many of us in the classroom and in our personal work.

Check out the whole list of participating blogs below to find out what each one of us wrote about in our first post as an Art Ed Blogging Network.


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