Friday, March 9, 2018

Bears in a Bed- FREE LESSON!

I'm so excited to share this lesson, Bears in a Bed, with you today! It's a lesson that will be hanging in the halls of Prairie View Elementary and Middle School for the upcoming Spring Conferences. This lesson is a bit of a dedication, and then in return, a gift to you.

First, allow me to dedicate this lesson to my cooperating Teacher, Kim Roberts. She works at Oaklawn Elementary in Menomonie, WI. She was the cooperating teacher that I student taught under.  Well... me and about 50 other new teachers. Actually, I'm not sure what the number is that Kim is up to for student teachers, but I do know that she has dedicated her life to teaching others... Students in her classroom as well as Student Teachers in mass, and in turn they are now teaching hundreds of other students. The dedication of this Educator is tremendous. Even her daughter, who was in 2nd grade when I worked with Kim is now an Art Educator. What an influence! 

Kim taught me how to teach this checkerboard pattern with students as young as Kindergarten. I remember being in awe the way that she managed her traveling position and her hundreds of students. This is a lesson that sticks out with me. 

The second portion of this lesson is inspired by Mrs. Gallagher, known on Instagram as @2tristaartist. Her cute little bear post came just in time for this lesson. It was perfect for my students and it made the project uber cute!


Because this lesson was so highly inspired by others in our Art Education Tribe, I want to give it to you for free.  I have it housed on Teachers Pay Teachers, however, I will not be charging for this lesson. It's a bit of a pay it forward to the people who inspired me as well as a mini sample of what a MiniMatisse lesson looks like. 

The kids were really proud of their final projects and the bears look so cute hanging in the hallways. Thanks to my Kindergarten team for making sure that they are displayed for parents.

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