Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I must love food...

Yet another food subject project. I do love food:) Anyway, I found this project on Art Projects for Kids, and couldn't wait to try it. It was REALLY successful! All students could be successful at this. I did this with 4th grade but I think I could have done it with younger grades too. I liked working with 4th grade on it because I saw some creativity that I didn't think I would have seen with the younger groups.

This is a two piece project. The bottom is a small ball of clay place into a silicon cupcake liner.
I also tried some plastic trays from the dollar store but I liked the silicon better. The top of the cupcake is a hand build pinch pot. Each artist had the option to decorate the cupcake with what ever fruit (no bigger then a quarter) on the top. I waxed the top of the clay cupcake liner. and the bottom of the frosting before glazing (as seen in earlier post) and they glazed away. I talked about molds, hand build, scoring and 'clay glue' (slip) and glazing doing this project.

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  1. Hi! Contrats on your award! That is great!

    I tried this lesson this year, too. It was very successful for me, too. I also had the kids draw cakes and pies before I did the lesson. I don't yet have a post on this lesson on my blog, The ART of Education, http://theartofeducation.wordpress.com, but I hope to soon!