Friday, September 2, 2011

Tattle Monster

Love this idea!  I saw it on My Creative Wish List, and she saw it on Giggle Galore.  On these blogs they are using the Tattle Monster in the house but I thought this might be great in a classroom.  I have heard of other similar solutions but this one is just stink'n cute:)  Not sure how middle school students would feel about it but I thought I would pass it along in case it fits well in your classroom or home.


  1. I've seen the monster on Pinterest, but I didn't realize how it was being used. Do you have kids write down their tattles? Or if someone tattles you put their names in the mouth? Or what? Please explain how it is used, since it is so cute and easy to make. Thanks :)

  2. Phyl, If you got to the links provided you will see how they use the monster. I would use it more as the kids write down the problem and place it in the mouth. Can you imagine if students had to take the time to write down a situation how fewer issues there would be?