Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grid Project of the Terracotta Warriors

7th grade worked on using a grid to create and enlarge a accurate image.  We are using the subject of Terracotta Warriors this year for two reasons.  The Terracotta Warriors are at the Minneapolis Institut of Arts until Jan.  We are planning on bringing a group on a field trip to the MIA in Dec.  China and specifically the Terracotta Warriors are part of the 7th grade curriculum in social studies. All 120 7th graders that I have this quarter have made this project and I will be asking all the classes to do so throughout the year.  I'm displaying them all so we will have about 350 Terracotta Warriors displayed with all is said and done. 

The google presentation below is an idea of how I broke down the lesson for my students.

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  1. Wonder project, the materials you've used are so suited to the subject! Thank you also for the power point - an added bonus! :)