Sunday, March 23, 2014

2-Point Perspective

Here is our latest and GREATest 2 point perspective project.  I have included all the directions to this lesson on a youtube video found below.  My 7th graders had a BLAST with this one.


  1. These are fabulous. Makes me want to teach older students so I cold try something like this. I'm sure they really got into this project.

    Kim@ Art on my Hands

  2. Mrs Hahn. These are sweet. I am going to try this with my fifth grader next year. Thank for sharing. You rock.

    Mr. R.

  3. This is great! I am definitely going to do this in my classroom. Once question, what resources did you use to help your kids draw the characters and extra objects? Did you have a book or a set of images you looked at?

    1. The letters were must some fonts off the The images, some research online as well. Sorry, I don't have more details than that.