Monday, April 28, 2014

District 728 Trades Art with Japan

When I was in the elementary school 4 years ago, I worked with a WONDERFUL woman named Yuko Larson.  She one of our districts Cultural Liaisons.  Yuko has set up several art exchanges between our district and schools in Japan.  Click here to see the exchange that I did several years ago.

What an amazing experience!!  This year my co worker, Mike Kantor and Yuko worked out an exchange.  Mr. Kantor had his class create prints with his 3rd grade class (click here).  Here are a couple of the amazing artworks that he got back from Japan.  The words were translated from Yuko... all 100 plus of them.  The thing I loved most about this exchange is to know that kids are kids no matter where they are coming from.  Clearly illustrated with the stories and pictures shown here. 


  1. Hi Nic
    Wow! What a fabulous experience for your students and their new friends in Japan. Hopefully they will remember for many, many years to come. I agree with your 'why I teach' tag :)

  2. Loved seeing these art again and kids showing and explaining about prints they received! Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful project!!!