Sunday, August 3, 2014

Organized Graffiti

I saw this at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia MN and thought I would share this with you all.  This to me screams high school all over it.  I love that this graffiti is placed on boards that can be scolded though.  I also like that it allows a 'place' for tagging to happen.  It might be a bit of a start up cost, but I would be something that could be gessoed and repainted with every group of kids.

The art work was very fun and 'now'.  I loved turning the pages of this oversized book.  It's interactive and as mentioned, I could see it being ever changing.  If you take this idea and run with it, please send me pictures of what you have done.

Another version I have seen of this same idea is a the Perpich Center for the Arts.  They have a wall out front of their school that is ever changing with graffiti from their students. I really like this idea.

Image found off the Perpich FB Page