Saturday, October 4, 2014

Secondary Colored Monsters in a Primary Colored City

1st grade has proudly displayed their first finished product of the school year.  I was greatly inspired by Deep Space Sparkle in this lesson.  Thanks!  Here is how we did this lesson...

Day 1:  I introduced the primary colors.  We did some dancing and singing to get that concept in our head (Thanks to Greg Percy's help).   Students then drew their buildings in primary colored oil pastels.

Day 2:  These little buddies got to watercolor for the first time in art class.  Again, we were concentrating on the primary colors.  Some of these kids loved painting so much they took every minute to explore with the brush.  It was fun to watch. 

Day 3: The third day of this lesson was by far the most fun.  I asked some parent volunteers to donate and makes some play dough (see here).  I prepped the dough so the kids would get two primary colors at their table.  


I told them to MIX THE PLAY DOUGH and every class cheered!!  It was so dang cute!  They manipulated the dough to form their monsters that they then drew.  The kids got practice with glueing and cutting to place their paper monsters on their cities. 

I got two of the classes in the display outside my room and the 1st grade teachers were happy to help me hang the art near their classrooms as well.

The video below is a quick little one minute overview of our day 3.  FUN stuff!  I also have supporting videos to this lesson on my website.  (

What a happy little lesson!

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