Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kindergarten HeART Stations

OK... I'm love'n the stations idea.  I had my students do HeART stations this time rather than the snowflake stations.  We have a project that we are working on in the next couple weeks where we need to cut hearts out.  This was a good introduction.

Stations 1: Geometric Block Hearts

I gave students the challenge to make hearts only using geometric shaped blocks.  I did provide a template for the kids to shoot for.  It was hard for these K's.

Station 2: Collaborative Draw

Large format paper rolled out with lot's of construction paper crayons.  This gave students a chance to draw their hearts.

Station 3: Gem Hearts

I gave students whiteboards and encouraged them to practice drawing their hearts again.  They filled the drawing up with beautiful gems.  The kids loved doing this one!

Station 4: Heart Line

Students cut their hearts out of scrap paper.  They then glued them onto a strip of paper.  Each of these turned out unique.  I will say this station took a long time for Kindergarteners, some kids didn't get to another station because they were spending so much time at this one.

Station 5:  Technology Hearts

I had 5 iPads at this station were students were allowed to draw on a drawing app. 

I tried a little less structure today.  I introduced all the stations and allowed students to pick where they wanted to go.  I didn't rotate the class at all.  It was a bomb.  How do you TAB people do it?  What am I missing?  Who is near Rogers MN and can let me view a TAB school?  I'm interested!  So the rest of the K's were asked to play at a station for a while and rotate when the times prompted.  There was actually two prompts.  The first one was to let them know they needed to clean up, the second was to rotate.

Here is another video I started the class out with to give a quick simple instruction on the HOW... but also let the kids discover by not doing a step by step as I most often do.

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  1. Love all your kindergarten station ideas. After 23 years of teaching elementary art, it is only my second year teaching kindergartners. I had a successful day last year of stations but love your theme idea (snowflakes and hearts).