Sunday, April 12, 2015

Optical Illusion- Line Design

Last Op Art I have, this one is from Teach Kids Art. As I have said about all of these op arts, the directions for each of these projects were perfect!  This is no exception. The kids were able to follow the blog post perfectly.  Mr. E also has directions for this lesson.  He said this is one of his most successful project and teacher friendly lesson plans (click here)

After completing all 5 classes, each with a different optical illusion, I was amazed at the response from our students and staff.  Everyone had a different 'favorite' project. I think it was really important to do different lessons to be able to give each class a different project that they can perhaps teach one another.   


  1. She used my lesson for this projected and tweeked it.....this project was what put Art With Mr. E on the map & still gets me a ton of pins!!! :)

    1. What is the line E... I will put you on the post as well.

    2. This is the second edition I posted back in '11.