Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart Attack!

I have classes all over the place right now.  Some still finishing up on projects and some ahead.  I have plans that are requiring a sub for a couple of days coming up so... Heart Attack it is!  I have created stations for you k-2's.  The objective... 'I can make a heart'... but in how many ways?  Let me show you.

This is a tiny sheet of paper that I gave the challenge to my students to fill with as many hearts as they can.  I showed them a couple of ways to draw hearts and they took off.  I said I would put the highest number on the board when at the end of the class and that was enough motivation for many of the kids in class. 

Another station was these Heart Hats.  This is great for using up scrap  paper.  I went to the work room and cleaned out the construction paper scrap collection.  I put 4 staplers on the table and you better believe that these kids really ran with this idea.  They loved making their heart hats! 

Yellow: I can make a heart using the iPad (app used, Hello Colored Pencils)
Blue: Challenge Station: Fill a page with Hearts
Purple: Heart Hats
Orange: Make a heart with gems (found on last year's post)
Green: Heart Blocks (found on last year's post)
Red: Valentines Card

I did use some ideas from last year.  Here is a post of stations I did around this time, last year (click here).

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  1. Great idea! We have been out since Tuesday for snow, so tomorrow will be CRAZY! I think that I will do a couple of these activities instead of starting new stuff! At least my Monday kids will be on target since we are out this coming Monday! Love the Heart Hats!