Monday, August 22, 2016

Art To Remember, Sea Turtle

These turtles were a hit last year! I did this with my 2nd and 3rd-grade students for their Art To Remember project.  The way I broke it down (demonstrated in this video) allows every student to be successful.  For the lesson plan, click here.

Drawing the design on the back of the shell is much easier than it looks.  Draw a triangle up, and then down, and then connect them. Now from each corner of the hexagon, draw a line out to the edge of the shell.  So easy for students to follow along. 

I gave suggestions of how to color the shell but allowed students to color how they would like as well.  They came up with some great ideas! 

I created a finishing station for my students with liquid watercolor. This worked really well.  After they were completed with this step, they brought it to me and I placed the sticker with their name on the back.  This way, kids could tell me 'what way was up' (if the image was horizontal or vertical).  It depends, where you place the sticker on the back as to where the direction for the print. 

There you have it!  Another 'kid tested, parents approved' project.  This was a hit for sure.  I had students creating these lovely turtles for the rest of the year.  I saw them everywhere in the school.  That is when you know you found a great way to teach your students, when the project is recreated over and over. 

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