Friday, October 14, 2016

Careers in Art- Architecture

This is the start of my 'Careers in Art' series.  This is an area that I have overlooked in the past and this year I really want to explore with my 3rd grade.  I think it's important to give students a broad definition of what being an 'Artist' is.  You are an artist if you can draw, build, sculpt, create... 

Students were given an art challenge to become an architect.  I explain that an architect really is a person who designs structures, but for application in the classroom, I allowed my students to explore the possibilities in many different ways.

Students were able to create using blocks.

I have some great magnets that students were able to design a structure with.

I gave a drawing option.  Kids create their ultimate tree house, their dream house, even structures like Lady Liberty (PS.  I was blown away with the continuous line drawing above). 

Strawbees are new to my classroom.  Some students really enjoyed working with this new medium. 

And then there was this... fort building.  Due to the fact that I have been married for 14 years-ish and majority of our sheet in our house were purchased for us at our wedding... I was well equipt for this amazing adventure.

After my first class, I was able to see that we would need to start out with a couple reminders before starting the class period.  I did a 'fish bowl' demonstration of what working collaboratively looks like.  I also did one that demonstrated what working collaboratively DOESN'T look like. It was fun for the kids to see me argue with their peer... The classes that I covered conflict resolution and demonstrated successful collaborative play really rocked! We have to remember, we are not only teaching Art, but we are teaching character in the Art Studio.

The other thing that I covered with kids on class 2-6 was how to use close pins.  Kids don't use a lot of close pins in our area of Minnesota... so there was lots of repairs to these little tools. Minor... right?? For the amount of joy that these kids had on this day... it's worth fixing some clothes pins. 

This was a lot of fun to watch too... As you can see there were some kids that created their fort... and then created architecture inside their fort. It was a private little place to make.

My hope was to create a memory.  I wanted students to have a blast, laugh, play... as a side effect, they were learning.


  1. Nic, if administration had walked into your room while this lesson was taking place, do or did you have Learning Objectives or Targets posted? Did a 'wrap up' activity take place? So you have students record what they discovered or learned that day?

    I keep inching closer to TAB, but would find it very difficult to have an observation end well without was to document the learning. Currently, I've implemented sketchbooks that will give students a place to record their learning in art.

    Thanks for the terrific inspiration!

    1. GREAT questions!! I think it's such a great question that I will address it in a new post. But in short, yes... I have a learning target posted. I am reaching national standards and I can back up the learning and intent. I will talk more about how in a future post. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is awesome! I can't wait to read and see more! I'm excited about starting this journey!

  3. How did you create your magnet pieces? Were these created or purchased?

  4. This is one of the best ways for learning to happen. Thanks for your willingness to use your creativity and come up with hands-on learning activities!