Monday, November 14, 2016

Artist Trading Cards- Sharpie Bleeds

I was inspired by Jenny Andrews Anderson.  Jenny is an Actress who became wildly successful as a painter.  I was drawn to her images but have learned about her from investigating articles on her (click here), Images on her website, and Instagram. For my class, I love the idea of a living abstract artist.  That she is an actress and also an artist.  Love that she needs to create... and has found multiple ways to express herself.  These are amazing messages to share with my students.  On a personal level, she seems to be a little sarcastic and has a good sense of humor.  These images below are what I'm basing my inspiration on for this lesson.  her work has evolved and she has many series that she has explored in her art... but these happy, bring colored abstract works are what I'm thinking about in this lesson. 


I decided Sharpies would be the best medium to replicate Jenny's work in a student-friendly way.  I started by placing some random Sharpie marks on fabric. 

I used rubbing alcohol to bleed the sharpie on my fabric. For the random marks, I used cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol and dabbed the area.  

I did a heat-set on all the fabrics with an iron. These fabric swatches were mounted in two ways.  With some of the fabric, I wrapped them around cardboard with hot glue. 

I ironed quilt batting on some of the swatches. This allowed me to sew on these little masterworks.

I added more Sharpie marks on some of the little art pieces.  I also added some stiching by hand, and some with a sewing machine.  Even some beads were added for embellishments.

Tomorrow is a great day for Sharpie Art.  Kathy Barbro, Blogger of Art Projects for Kids, has a new book Called Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids. In fact, she is giving away one of these amazing books on Facebook.  Be sure to click here and sign up to win.  I was honored to be a part of this book.  The metal bug below is one of the lessons offered in this new book.  I created the lesson for this book... and tomorrow it is finally coming out!  How exciting! 

Other lessons you will find in the new Sharpie Book are by bloggers of Mary Making, Teach Kids Art, Babble Dabble Do,  and The Artist Woman.  This book is actually a collaboration between many art teachers, artist, and bloggers. Be sure to check out the book.

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